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The MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) industry is likely to undergo significant change in 2023 as competition and demand evolves, while advancements in technology will bring new challenges and opportunities for both MVNOs and their MNO (mobile network operator) hosts.

Focusing on Niche Target Markets

A key expected trend of 2023 is the growing focus by MVNOs on value propositions for niche market segments. A direct result of this will be that the MVNO acts as the operator’s ‘sub-brand’, which will help diverse populations access mobile services. Several MVNOs have already moved into providing integrated services linked to the parent company’s other services and products – these include enterprise cloud services and gaming.

Transformation and Innovation

In 2023, MVNOs will need to innovate and create (or maintain) differentiation in terms of cost structure and value proposition to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market. MVNOs are likely to embrace digital transformation in a bid to be more customer centric, flexible and efficient. Many MVNOs, for example, are now focusing on strong Wi-Fi as their primary value proposition, as well as lower costs and improved service.

Emerging Technology Enablers

The five major technology enablers that are set to widen opportunities for MVNOs are e-SIMs, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDNs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Edge computing. Take a look at the embedded PDF for more information about these enablers.

The Rise of 5G

Network slicing is being facilitated as a result of 5G deployment. Due to this, new breeds of MVNO are targeting specific verticals, providing solutions that fuse cloud services and big data/AI solutions with specific connectivity needs – delivering new opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Addressing Global Issues

MVNOs that are IoT-centric have the potential to address global and environmental issues such as climate change. This is through the facilitation of, for example, smarter transportation and connected agriculture, enabling smart cities and improving healthcare. MVNOs can also significantly benefit lower-income families and contribute positively to local economies.

Lyca Mobile Strives to Launch New MVNO Networks

Telecommunications company Lyca Mobile is currently striving to launch MVNO networks globally; MVNO is the technology underpinning the company’s innovative business model. Lyca founder and CEO Allirajah Subaskaran is the major driving force behind the company’s expansion; Allirajah Subashkaran has wide-ranging experience in MVNO technology and its application and is therefore perfectly positioned to take Lyca into the future.