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The world’s largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Lyca Mobile recently commissioned research looking at the impact of the reintroduction of roaming charges by many providers.

The study revealed that many people in the UK are considering switching (or have switched) providers due to these charges. Over a third of those questioned said that the free roaming charges on offer from non-Big Four UK providers would cause them to switch.

Roaming Charges Cause Widespread Confusion

There is also a general confusion regarding roaming charges, with 51% of mobile contract customers in the UK saying that they didn’t know whether their current provider has reintroduced roaming charges. Furthermore, only 39% respondents felt confident that they understood what they’ll pay for roaming in the EU.

Impact on the Cost of Living Crisis

The reintroduction of roaming charges by many of the major providers comes at a time when people in the UK are already facing soaring energy bills and rising inflation. Due to this, consumers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their household bills. Nearly two-thirds of respondents to the survey commissioned by Lyca Mobile stated that the cost of living crisis is the economic factor most likely to make them reconsider their current phone contract. When it comes to holidaying, roaming charges can add more than £100 to the cost of a fortnight’s holiday in Europe for a family of four.

Changing Holiday Habits

The cost of living crisis combined with the widespread reintroduction of roaming charges is having a tangible effect on how holidaymakers use their phones while in the EU. For example, those visiting the EU are now increasingly limiting the amount of data they use while abroad. Take a look at the embedded PDF for more information about how roaming charges are affecting holiday phone use habits.

Lyca Mobile: Bringing Down Costs for UK Households

Lyca Mobile is one of the only providers that hasn’t reintroduced EU roaming charges, in a bid to help its UK customers struggling with the cost of living crisis. Lyca Mobile founder and CEO Allirajah Subaskaran has spoken about his vision of creating a world in which people can always meaningfully connect with family and friends, no matter how far they roam. By not reintroducing roaming charges, Lyca Mobile and Allirajah Subashkaran continue to be able to offer an attractive price point for customers. This move supports the company’s established heritage as a low-cost international calling network.