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The Lyca Group operates within the global telecoms and mobile sector and has now expanded into many other industries. The company’s mission is to deliver meaningful experiences to its worldwide customers through excellent digital-first content and services. 



The Lyca Group has four key values: entrepreneurship, trust, a digital-first focus and speed. 

Founded to Keep Family and Friends Connected 

Lyca owner, founder and group chairman Allirajah Subaskaran built LycaMobile (the first company in what would become the Lyca Group, founded in 2006) as part of a desire to create a world where people can always connect with their friends and family, no matter how far they venture. Allirajah Subaskaran seeks leaders to work within the Lyca Group who have a focus on ambition and family to continue in the pursuit of this goal. 

Lyca Group Companies 

Since the founding of LycaMobile, Lyca has thrived and diversified and now incorporates several companies operating in telecoms, healthcare, media and entertainment, travel, financial services, technology, marketing and hospitality. Every company embodies the values upon which the group was first founded. 

Of these companies, Lyca Gold is the UK’s first and only retro Asian music station that plays Bollywood classics, and Punjabi and Urdu tracks from yesteryear, while Lyca Remit is an online money transfer service that allows customers to send money to family and friends in over 70 countries.  

The digital marketing agency Lyca Digital offers a range of digital services across Europe, Australia and the USA, and Lyca Insure provides white-label products for motor, travel, life and gadget insurance.  

Take a look at the embedded PDF for more information about other companies within the Lyca Group. 


Allirajah Subaskaran


The Future 

The next stage of the Lyca Group’s evolution is digital-first, with innovative new technologies creating even more opportunities to connect with its customers around the world. To this end, the group is upgrading its suite of digital services and launching exciting new products across its extensive range of business sectors. 

The Lyca Group is currently investing in cutting-edge digital resources and the talent that supports its companies to become more agile in the way it works and more revolutionary in its approach. 

The Lyca Group was founded on innovative thinking and a keenness to challenge the norm. Its new era is a bold step forward that continues the group’s tradition of creating brand new customer-first experiences.